Nature trek in a moody forest, Finnish nature, Råmossa Lodge


Råmossa Lodge is located deep in the forest and the forest is a part of us. In the forest, you can feel yourself calming down and your thoughts becoming clearer. It is easy to breathe in the fresh air, and all your senses wake up: you can hear the humming wind, smell the soil after a rainfall, taste the wild berries, see the shadows cast by trees, feel the shape of the ground. We take care of our forest and respect it. Råmossa has been awarded for high quality forestry and our forest management is certified. 


The water flows into our lake from springs, so it is clean and refreshingly cool. The fish stock has remained the same since the ice age of approximately 11 500 years ago.  The water is healing and great for swimming; it will not do any harm to even swallow some. Also otters, cranes, whooper swans and moose come visit the lake and enjoy the water. The lake changes according to seasons and weather, but always catches your eye and clears your mind. In the wintertime, you can go ice swimming or make angels in the snow on top of the thick ice.

Sun glittering on a lake view, Finnish nature, Råmossa Lodge

Group of people having a meal in nature, Finnish nature, Råmossa Lodge


We only take one visitor group at a time. This ensures space and privacy for relaxing and enjoying your time together in the lodge or out in the fresh air. You will not be bothered by the lights of a neighbor’s house here. If you wish, you can find a secret spot just for yourself: climb, for example, to the top of the rock and admire the views overlooking the horizon.



We respect and value nature and operate according to the principles of sustainable development. Our forest is well taken care of and all the buildings are constructed on the spot, using our own wood. We recycle, heat our buildings ecologically and do not use any disposable tableware. We cooperate with local entrepreneurs based in the Eastern Uusimaa region whenever possible. Our guests are served tasty, simple and healthy food – straight from the garden, lake or forest, and vegan too if you wish.

Finnish wooden log house winter time, Råmossa Lodge

Finnish wooden log house winter time, Råmossa Lodge

Two women hiking outdoor in Finnish nature, winter time, Råmossa Lodge

Two women hiking outdoor in Finnish nature, winter time, Råmossa Lodge


We put our heart and soul into what we do and are motivated to ensure that our guests enjoy their stay.  We take all your wishes into consideration in advance and also make changes on the go, if needed. We want to make sure our visitors can focus on the purpose of their stay and enjoy themselves. All our cooperators are carefully chosen. In 2018, we will celebrate the 40th anniversary of our business. We also have obtained the Laatutonni certification as a proof of high quality operations within the travel industry.