Paulinen ja Danielin blogi.

Berliiniläiset opiskelijat Pauline ja Daniel viettivät kesäkuussa päivän vierainamme. Ohessa heidän kirjoittamansa blogi ja ottamansa kuvat.

10 km from the city center of Porvoo Råmossa Lodge is located deep in the countryside of the village Illola. To ensure that visitors are undisturbed the location is not made known unless one is a visitor of the lodge. It offers a retreat for small groups seeking to escape the city or just experience nature. Among other things the area is home to a beautifully constructed log house that serves as main building, a lake, multiple basecamps with toilets and other necessities and hiking trails. Outdoor activities such as picking berries, biking, hiking, swimming, SUP boarding or taking a boat out into the lake are offered. The team consists of Jussi the landlord, Tuure a skilled craftsman, family, friends a dog and a cat.


We were welcomed very warmly, and our visit started with a tour of the area and an introduction to the present team members/ family. The kindness of the host and his team made us feel right at home. Even the animals warmed up to us rather quickly. The tour led us to trough the main building first. The building is a beautifully hand constructed log house filled with displays of excellent craftmanship. We continued to the lake after that. There a nice arrangement awaited us by the water. A small wooden cottage with a kitchen and a bed and an array of chairs, tables and a Hollywood swing were setup by the water. There were also a boat and some SUP boards ready. The cottage was filled with everything one might need, like refreshments, blankets, towels and life vests.


Then we walked to a base camp currently being constructed. There we were able to meet Tuure the man that crafted most structures in the lodge. Finally, our tour led us to an already completed base camp. The camp itself was impressive but the view that could be seen from there was breathtaking. All throughout the tour Jussi made us aware of points of interest that can be visited. Part of the way we were accompanied by either the dog or the cat.

Afterwards we were left to explore on our own. We decided to return to the lake and hike one of the mentioned nature trails. The trail led us through the forest around the lake. Once that was completed we relaxed by the water and then had lunch. Thus, concluding our visit to the Råmossa Lodge.


All in all, the lodge is a beautiful and serene area where one can achieve a kind of inner peace just relaxing or exploring nature and participating in other outdoor activities. Even though one is so close to it modern necessities are not missed and one never feels lost or overwhelmed by the surroundings. I see it as a perfect balance between undisturbed nature and modern amenities. The lodge offers beautiful scenery and a perfect opportunity to take some nice photos. The basecamps provide visitors with everything they need even toilets, which is essential for a city dweller in my opinion. Råmossa Lodge is one of the most peaceful, beautiful and relaxing places we have ever visited. Along with the kindness and warmth we experienced from the team there is nothing negative to be said about it. It was truly worth a visit.