Wet, wet, wet.

Okay, it is wet in the forest. I took a short snowshoewalk to the Black Lake with a dog. My cat called Wolf followed us couple hundred meters but it turned back to the house. Cats do not like wet soil! Fortunately I had the snowshoes, there is still a lot of snow under the trees. It is not surely the easiest thing to jump over the streams with snowshoes. Now there are many shades of grey in the forest! I spotted extremely fresh marks of the moose. Well, the dog found those first.

It has been most interesting week behind. Meetings with real meaning! Where to build new forest base camp by the fire and how to feed the wild animals next autumn. I used to have meetings with powerpoints and excel dokuments. Hours and hours in the meeting rooms with bad coffee and take away food. No more, those meetings are over.

I was invited to most interesting farm in Merikarvia, close to the town of Pori, west coast of Finland. I visited the farm on wednesday and they had about 80 fallow deers. These animals had huge horns and the closest ones were 100 meters from us. These amazing animals are imported from Sweden.

Have a nice weekend!

Jussi Jaakkima

Landowner, Råmossa Lodge