Landlord. Jussi loves his job and is living his dream. He welcomes the guests and tells anecdotes of Råmossa, as well as the history of the region, the forest and its animals. He greets every bypasser in the village, be they acquaintances or relatives. He is a banker turned into a full-time landlord. His motto is “details and atmosphere make it”. Jussi lights up the open fire, makes coffee on it, smokes the fish, observes the nature and takes care of his guests.


Outi enjoys moving about in the nature. She believes in the healing power of our natural environment. She hopes that our guests can enjoy Råmossa with all their senses and get experiences that just make them feel good! Her own favorite activities are  snowshoeing, lake-swimming and biking a ”Jopo” along the village steet of Ilola. Outi studies sports instruction at the Sports Institute of Vierumäki, and Outi is also Jussi’s happy wife.



Fresh and seasonal ingredients are the base of cooking for chef Georg. He is experienced wilderness cook and knows many ways of cooking fresh fish or games with open fire using wild herbs. Together with his wife and team, he runs the restaurant Zum Beispiel in Porvoo.


An experienced and passionate wilderness guide, Daniel has been working all over Finland from the Baltic Sea to the Arctic Ocean. He graduated at Eerikkilän Urheiluopisto and has learnt his trade from the best guides in the country. He spends most of his time learning new skills and showing the country for tourists. In particular, Daniel has a wealth of knowledge in ancient history, biology, geology and IPAs :-). Daniel speaks fluent german, english, hungarian and finnish




Siiri is our cockerspaniel spending her old age in Råmossa. Siiri loves two things above all: belly rubs and food. She greets our guests with a tail wag and loves getting attention. Siiri still gets post cards from our visitors Japanese sisters around the world. She follows our guests to the forest and looks for food there. Her favorite forest treats include yellowfeet chantarelles and blueberries. Her best friend is Susi, although Susi sometimes takes advantage of Siiri’s kindness and occupies her bed. Siiri is a nice dog who never escapes, and most of all: she is friends with everyone.


Our cat Susi is a house cat born in Ilola. Susi is kind and affectionate and often follows our visitors on their hikes in the forest. Her best friend is our dog Siiri. Susi loves to jump on Siiri’s back and use it as a springboard. Her other favorite pastime is climbing trees, she can get on a pine branch in seconds and then spend time there observing what is going on on the ground.  However, she also has a wilder side: she is a passionate hunter. She catches the mice, voles and shrews near the main building - that is Susi’s job, and she ensures no rodents get inside the lodge.