At Råmossa Lodge we offer made-to-order, safe and nature-friendly experiences for groups or for example only a few guests. Our offerings include tasty local food and guided nature tours.

We are committed to continuously improving our services based on customer feedback, and all the outdoor activities are tailored seasonally and according to our guests’ wishes. In addition to that, we have some ready-made experiences.

Read more about eight seasons of finnish nature.

 Autumn leaves in a moss bed in a forest, Råmossa Lodge

Nature by Senses

Hug the trees, taste the blueberries, smell the campfire, touch the moss and hear the blackbird singing. Feel the nature with all your senses. The silence of forest and exploring nature allows us to use our senses to the fullest.

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 Cooking salmon on an open fire, wilderness cooking Råmossa Lodge

Wilderness Cooking

(with Zum Beispiel)

Experience a unique wilderness cooking adventure in a beautiful private forest in Porvoo. Every trip is tailor-made to fulfill the desires of each individual group. You will pick ingredients for your cooking class from nature, build and light a campfire and finally cook your meal outside.

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